Nova dec - steel solutions

"Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it."


NOVA DEC s.r.l. is an engineering company working mainly in the marine and industrial engine sector. Holding ISO 9002 certification, it places constant technological innovation and high quality machining firmly at the hearts of its company philosophy.
Direct experience in engineering in the internationally famous Modena area, with its variety of expertise, has made NOVA DEC a specialised, highly-skilled firm able to meet a wide range of technological needs.
Excellent service, attentive aftersales and FREE-PASS supply of large pre-assembled units and kits of CNC-machined components, have enabled NOVA DEC to evolve to meet them changing needs of the market.
Our plant at Fiorano Modenese (Modena) is our concrete response to these new market requirements.